Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Plale Gets A Hefty Perk

When lame-duck State Sen. Jeff Plale, (D-Milwaukee) turned against his own party and voted with Scott Walker and GOP legislators to kill negotiated labor contracts, some of us wondered if there would be a quid pro quo.

I had written several weeks ago - - mentioning Plale and a second party-switching Senator, Russ Decker  - - "And by the way, let's keep an eye on where these gentlemen land after they leave the legislature, following their defeats."

Well, now we know where Plale is landing: Denying that it was a reward for the vote, the cost-conscious, smaller-government Walker administration announced that Plale has been given a $90,000 management job in the state Department of Administration.

Basically, when the heat goes out in a state office building, or you want to buy new carpet and file cabinets, call Plale, the new uber super, and he'll say "help is on the way."


xoff said...

Gee, that's only about an 80% pay raise. So much for all the talk about overpaid state workers. It'll really help his pension, too.

Anonymous said...

Between Stepp, Moroney, Stevens and now Plale, Walker has still failed to help create one new job or position that didn't already exist.

I'm seeing ten years down the road though, that there will likely be tons of jobs in environmental remediation if there is anything left to salvage. We just aren't grasping the vision of Walker's long term thinking, people.


Boxer said...

The state vault has been kicked open--let the looting begin!

Clementine said...

I need some new carpeting and file cabinets for my self-owned business. Do you think I can ask Plale?

Anonymous said...

ironically we state workers who were screwed by plale now may have to see him in our workplaces.

Joshua Skolnick said...

Yippee..."Bipartisanship" in the Walker Administration. Another name for perpetrating a screw job on the lower 90 percent of the citizenry, and the environment, and for whoever isn't a lickspittle sycophant for the WMC, the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, the Bradley Foundation, and the Koch brothers.