Friday, January 14, 2011

Belling Says Majority Of Marriott Hotel Opponents Are Jewish

Mark Belling on his WISN-AM 1130 afternoon talk radio program yesterday ranted about people whom he said were opposing the proposed downtown Marriott Hotel.

It's a project he supports - - as do I, and which it now appears will be approved.

He complained that Mayor Barrett wasn't working hard enough on the project.

OK. That's a judgment call. Fair comment, certainly.

Then Belling said there were powerful people in Milwaukee who were part of a culture that is slowing progress here. He used the word "cabal" and talked about meetings behind closed doors.

If you listen to his podcast beginning at about the 13:45 mark - - you will hear him after a few minutes reach the point where he says  "I'm going to choose my words carefully" - -  Belling further described the opponents by noting "...the fact that the majority of them are Jewish may be neither here nor there..."

What is the point of taking the discussion there?

Belling show Friday update, 4:45 p.m.

Belling continued to discuss the hotel issue today.

He clarified some of his earlier remarks, and noted that Marcus executives whom he said he respected and who had been part of what he said were behind-the-scenes, anti-Marriott efforts, had taken their concerns to Barrett today.

Belling several times attacked Journal Sentinel business development reporter Tom Daykin
as "the weasel Daykin."

So far, as of 5:05 p.m., no discussion of his remarks about the hotel opponents being mostly Jewish.

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Anonymous said...

I'll never forget the time an eighth grade girl told him her class was studying the Holocaust and he said, "It figures it would be something politically correct like that."