Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Republican Legislators In Wisconsin Wrestle With The Truth

So says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel here, here and here.

In just the past five weeks.

Why the trend, gentlemen?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I guess both parties should check their sources before making claims… that is if they are concerned about being accurate.

Anonymous said...

The trend may be to divert attention from the apparent fact that there is no Republican job creation plan for WI and never has been.

Maybe our illustrious Governor can win some new jobs betting on the Packers against the Bears. That would seemingly be about as realistically productive in helping the state economy as anything thus far proposed, including tax cuts and other corporate monetary incentives, or mass environmental deregulation.

High profile, public sports betting swagger, now that's what I call focusing on jobs, jobs, jobs, education and health-care. /snark


Boxer said...

Glenn Grothman (oh puleeeze!) and the Fitzgerald boys don't wrestle with the truth so much as build an 8-lane highway around the truth and then bypass it altogether.