Monday, January 31, 2011

Wildlife Federation Trying To Find Bass Pro Shop Development Solution

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation released a statement about the Bass Pro Shop siting dispute in Green Bay.

Wisconsin Wildlife Federation

January 31, 2011

Contact: George Meyer, Executive Director, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation: 608-516-5545

Wildlife Federation Asks Bass Pro Shops to Still Come to Wisconsin; Requests Governor, DNR, Developer and Wetland Association to Find Acceptable Solution

Poynette: Today, Jack Nissen, (Dousman), sent a letter to Bass Pro Shops CEO, Larry Whitely, indicating the Federation’s strong support for Bass Pro Shops to open a retail store in the Green Bay Titletown develop. Indicating that of the 160 hunting, fishing and trapping clubs belonging to the Federation, over 30 are located within 50 miles of Green Bay, Nissen wrote:

“The Federation greatly admires Bass Pro Shops and the quality products that it provides to sportsmen and women. We also admire Bass Pro Shops very strong conservation ethic. We were not surprised with your statement last week indicating the policies of Bass Pro Shops to restore wetlands and not to degrade or fill wetlands in your development projects. Your Founder, Johnnie Morris, has been a long-time national conservation leader and this legacy has continued in the policies of the Bass Pro Shops organization.

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and its members strongly desire that Bass Pro Shops open a store in the Green Bay area, preferably as part of the Titletown Development being promoted by the Green Bay Packers. The Federation is encouraging Governor Scott Walker, the Department of Natural Resources, Mr. John Bergstrom and the Wisconsin Wetlands Association to reach an agreement which will allow a store of your caliber to be built in the Titletown Development.”

In a second letter to Governor Scott Walker, DNR Secretary, Cathy Stepp; Developer John Bergstrom; and Becky Abele, Wisconsin Wetlands Association’s Executive Director, Jack Nissen, WWF President, asked that Bergstrom, the Wetlands Assoication and DNR enter into “good faith” negotiations to resolve the dispute of the location of a Bass Pro Shop store in Ashwaubenon. Nissen indicated:

“The development of a Bass Pro Shop in the Titletown project is a resolvable issue. This issue can be resolved by Mr. Bergstrom, Ms. Abele and the DNR entering into good faith negotiations with all options on the table. We would strongly urge that the Village of Ashwaubenon be included in the discussions. Far more complex development issues have been resolved in the past by having DNR and all other parties to a dispute, sitting down around a table and working in good faith to find a solution that is in the interest of all parties and Wisconsin citizens. We know that the Wisconsin Wetlands Association has been seeking such discussions since August, 2010. The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, on behalf of its members, stands ready to assist in such discussions.”

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is the state’s largest conservation organization representing 160 hunting, fishing, trapping and forestry-related organizations with a combined membership of over 100,000 people. The Federation, headquartered in Poynette, Wisconsin, is dedicated to conservation education and the advancement of sound conservation policies on a state and federal level. For further information contact George Meyer, Executive Director at (608) 516-5545.

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