Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Media Critic Explains The New AM Alternative To Mark Belling

Tim Cuprisin says the revamped 620 WTMJ-AM afternoon drive-time program, hosted by former TV reporter John Mercure, will not have a political bent.

For those of us having radios with AM dials still working, this is a good thing.

Former host Jonathan Greene in that slot was at his worst when he'd lapse into conservative griping and grousing.


capper said...

With all due respect to Mr. Cuprisin, the five minutes I caught sure was politically bent. If he had his nose any farther up Scott Walker's rear end, he could have told us what he had for breakfast.

enoughalready said...

Speaking of AM radio and WTMJ, I would like to read some media criticism of WTMJ's early morning news show. In particular, how does Gene Mueller have an on-air radio job? Can anyone understand him? I sure can't, and I consider the WTMJ program so much noise.