Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why Tommy Won't Run For Senate

So let's address in more detail the latest installment of "Will Tommy Run?"

Some are touting Tommy as the GOP opponent for the US Senate seat held by Russ Feingold, (D).

Tommy is one of those long-time pols, in retirement from the game, who misses the rush.

But does Tommy really want to serve as Wisconsin's junior, no-seniority Senator?

Disappearing onto a back-bench seat in a club of 100?

Behind people like Al Franken?

And give up his big income or corporate board seats?

I doubt it.

Besides, there are a lot of Republicans who grew tired of his ego and his big spending ways.

Today's GOP is farther to the Right and more Libertarian/Tea-partier than it was in Tommy's day.

So the publicity will ebb and this episode of "Will Tommy Run?" will fade to black, a victim of ratings and overall rust.


Anon Jim said...

James - you doth protest too much.

This prospect of Thompson running appears to have you and your Dem buddies really rattled.

Of course with incumbent Russ polling 43% versus 47% for not-even-running Thompson, I guess your queasiness is understandable.

Keep in mind that in 11 months, the Dem's might just lose their majority in the Senate.

And agree with your assessment of Al Franken btw, there are not too many things lower than him. said...

You nailed it but I'll add that it's all about the control and the ego for Thompson. He wasn't the top dog in Washington so he left and he would have even less power as a Jr. Senator than he had as head of Health and Human Services.