Monday, February 22, 2010

Unlike GOP Candidates, Biz Times Stays On Track

Milwaukee Biz Times Executive Editor Steve Jagler separates fact from GOP high-speed rail fiction.


Anonymous said...

Car Speed Rail is a fiction and Jaegler will always find the brightside of every tragedy.

A good man, but willingly ignorant.

As federal money is free, Jaegler sees every bit of bad news as positive.

Helen Bushnell said...

In Korea, the conventional trains are competitive with cars. The KTX trains are much faster.

I think that it is great the Wisconsin already has a couple of rail links, including a train that runs more than once a day. And that is in addition you are getting another train that will also run more than once a day that will actually go a decent speed.

It gives me hope. Here in Colorado we have one train, once a day that goes 20 mph for much of its run.

(Oh, and federal money is not free.)