Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nobel Laureate Exposes Dead Ends In Ryan's Roadmap

Paul Krugman explains why Paul Ryan's roadmap to economic reform is the path to ruin.

Along with exposing some more of that good-old-fashioned GOP hypocrisy.


Publius said...

Like the hypocrisy of Krugman's belief that Social Security was facing a crisis in 1996 and was supportive of tentative measures to seek a higher rate of return from Social Security investments?

That kind of hypocrisy?

Anon Jim said...

Paul Ryan has real live plan that tries to address the Social Security issue.
Paul Ryan's plan has aspects of it publically complimented on by Obama.
Paul Ryan is gaining national attention.
Paul Ryan must be destroyed (by the liberals and the MSM and I know, that is redundant).

Anon Jim said...

Btw - what exactly is unbiased brainiac Krugman's solution?

Keeping in mind we are already way pass any concept of fiscal solvency, not exactly sure there is a solution.