Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clueless Republicans In Hawaii

Enjoy this segment from Tuesday night's The Daily Show, wherein we find Republican officials enjoying Hawaii after blasting President Obama for vacationing where he was born and grew up.


Anon Jim said...

James - I acknowledge this is completely is off the topic of this post, but why no posts about the apparent ice age that has set in on the East Coast?

Guess it doesn't quite fit into your Global Warning world-view.

James Rowen said...

You are off the topic. Why didn't you stick to it?

Global Warming is real.

The last decade was extremely warm, globally.

Climate change is the overall phenomenon and it will be accompanied by stronger storms, and heavier precipitation events in some places, and by drought elsewhere.

That's why it is called climate change.

I don't think every storm or heat wave is a tipping point, but the trends are there.

Anon Anon said...

Anon Jim,

Guess you're still "stuck on stupid" --and now irrelevant--comments as well.

Why don't you take your ignorant World View and stick it--along with your head--in the sand?

BTW: Do you know what happens to your other end when you stick your head in the sand? I'll provide the answer for you, as it is doubtful you have the capability to figure it out for yourself: You get hit in the a** by the thing you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Hope your head is enjoying that nice, safe hole it's in right now.

BTW: I look forward to hearing your thoughtful and articulate explanation as to why the RNC did choose Hawaii for its annual convention.

Grant said...

Colbert on Twitter: "So much for global globalness, look how flat it is out there!"

Grant said...

Heh. And Max Sawicky: "Climate change skeptics denounce socialist concept of the arithmetic mean."

Anon Jim said...

My my my . . . such angst from the plagiaristic A-A.

What ever happened to the kind, cerebral, tolerant liberals we have always been told about?

Seriously A-A, me thinks you need some anger management therapy my good friend.

In regards to the original topic of this post – am not really going to defend or condemn to spending decisions of a private sector (and presumably privately funded) organization. I reserve that for when our tax-payer dollars are being spent wastefully. Like the Congressional caravan that went to Copenhagen.

I would question the venue only in that I personally much prefer the Big Island – am not much of a fan of Oahu in general and Honolulu/Waikiki beach in particular. Too many hookers wandering around for my liking.

Kudos to the WMJ crew over at The Daily Show though on this bit – but I wished they would have identified who the “Republican Party Officials” (other than Michael Steele) they interviewed were exactly. Kind of a glaring omission in this news report and makes me wonder who exactly these people are.

And hopefully this scathing report will do for the Hawaiian vacation industry what Obama’s brilliant comments this year and last have done for Las Vegas.