Monday, February 22, 2010

Check The Photos Of The Gun-Toters Rally

Photo #3 is Pulitzer-worthy.


Jim Bouman said...

From the Journal Sentinel:
"The turnout - about 40 people from various parts of Wisconsin and Illinois - may indicate growing support for the expansion of gun rights in the state, and in particular, legislation that could make it possible for people to carry concealed weapons."

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel never took note of as many as 40 people in front of the Waukesha library every Sunday noon for seven years and analyzed it as something that "...may indicate growing support for..." the ending of war in Iraq.

This odd collection of exhibitionists--many with holsters strapped on with 48-inch belts--looks like the vanguard of the delusional and the irretrievably alienated.

Anon Jim said...

Hey Jim - seeing as how the war in Iraq hasn't ended, are those protestors still out there every Sunday?

Just curious.