Friday, February 26, 2010

Madison's Liberal Publication Slams Doyle Over DNR

The Madison Capital Times - - Madison's long-standing liberal news outlet - - is now an online publication; its editorial slamming Gov. Jim Doyle over a legislative veto that cemented direct political leadership of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is another indication of the broad gulf between Doyle and a big chunk of his Democratic constituency.

More evidence, here. I regret seeing this development.

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xoff said...

There is, of course, another side to the issue. The Board of Veterans Affairs is a case in point. When Doyle took office, the board was still dominated by Republican appointees, who ignored Doyle's request to be consulted and hired a rock-ribbed Republican appointee to head the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. The GOP-run State Senate, meanwhile, refused to confirm any of Doyle's appointees so the Republicans could continue to call the shots. Anyone who thinks these citizen boards are non-partisan doesn't understand how it works in real life.