Sunday, February 14, 2010

Talk Radio, Obama And His Toughened Military

I listen to more right-wing talk radio than is healthy, but let me pass on to you some of its major thought (sic) process:

That President Obama, a socialist and internationalist, is weak on Al Qaeda and thus harming America.

This is admittedly a simple synthesis of what Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage (his samples, here) tell millions of listeners and viewers daily.

And you hear its strains on other shows, too.

A few days ago, a female caller to Charlie Sykes AM 620 WTMJ morning program said she thought Obama's fiscal policies made him "a domestic terrorist" - - a bit of rhetorical idiocy that Sykes did not criticize. get the picture. It's the Right and the GOP's updated version of an earlier smear - - that Democrats were soft on Communism.

And is similarly designed to cynically play on voters fears, not to advance a legitimate cause or viewpoint.

So how do the right fear-mongers deal with these facts:

Obama has twice escalated troop strength into Afghanistan.

And now this Washington Post report that Obama's White House is escalating the use of drone attacks to kill far-flung Al Qaeda leaders.

These actions, in fact, get Obama some heat from the antiwar Left - - but regardless, the Rightwing squawkers keep churning out the poison, and running up their ratings.

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