Friday, February 12, 2010

How Far Our Once-Progressive State Has Fallen

Now the argument over payday loans isn't whether they should be allowed to charge usurious rates in Wisconsin, but at what level, or on how many borrowings.


Anon Jim said...

Good to see the MJS is into recycling . . . .

Seeing as I thought "Wild West" was the moniker they used exclusively for any proposal to address the discrepancies between existing Conceal-Carry laws and the Wisconsin Constitution.

Anon Jim said...

Wisconsin had this fabled reputation as being "progressive", whatever that means, which included an image of clean, responsible, ethical, government.

Considering the collection politicians and bureaucrats we have had for some time now who are little more than hacks and prostitutes, this is one competition with Chicago we are rapidly gaining on our friends to the south.

Democratic Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan being the poster child du jour.