Monday, February 15, 2010

Major Green Jobs Announcement For Milwaukee

Wind turbine manufacturing and hundreds of jobs come to the Menomomee Valley, courtesy of Mayor Tom Barrett, the M7 and the stimulus.

Of course, Charlie Sykes attacks the plan.

As he did when the Spanish train maker Talgo said it was going to sell trains to Wisconsin and assemble them here, too.

I guess he's a no-growth Republican now.


Sam said...

So let me get this straight. Charlie Sykes is against using tax incentives to lure a company to Milwaukee? And part of the problem is that this is a Spanish company? Is he saying tax credits should not be used? Or just that they be reserved for American firms?
Is he a liberal now? What's next? Is going to get upset if these turn out to be non-union jobs?

Sam said...

And one more thing Charlie...who do you think buys the tax-credits? The Spanish company isn't getting the tax credit. The buyer of the credits does. That's how a tax credit works and the buyers will be from the US. For example ,US Bank buys a lot of tax credits.
So again, so I am clear...Charlie Sykes is against US firms realizing a tax incentive to invest in a credit that a company will use to create jobs in Milwaukee?

Anon Jim said...

When are angelic tax credits not considered evil corporate welfare you ask?

When it is targeted for something you consider politically correct.

In other words, when you are a hypocrite.

Btw - based on your comments you are either ignoring or are incapable of understanding Sykes' criticisms.

Unknown said...

I was expecting a larger part of the deal to be New Market Tax Credits, etc. So all apologies to Charlie Sykes. However, he is still wrong in asserting that this incentive couldn't help existing Wisconsin businesses. The tax incentive can apply to existing corporations that make a capital investment and create jobs with that investment.

anti-liberal said...

If Sykes critics, who have expressed their views here, actually listened to him speak they'd have heard him preface his discussion multiple times that the 200 new jobs are good for Milwaukee and he was glad Milwaukee will benefit from the new manufacturing business.

What he questioned was the preferential treatment by Wisconsin politicians to give tax breaks to businesses that support their green agenda. Tax breaks should be given to businesses that provide the greatest benefit to the state, not the state’s politicians. Harley, GE, and many others employ far more than 200 Wisconsinites, yet they basically subsidize businesses like Ingeteam that fit Doyle’s agenda.

He also pointed out a study conducted by King Juan Carlos University in Madrid Spain that, among other things, claims that for every green job created, 2.2 jobs are lost because of the increased cost of doing business.

Isn’t it ironic that through tax breaks, the Menomonee valley welcomes one new manufacturing tenant, yet through taxation and other burdens associated with doing business in Wisconsin, the Menomonee valley lost many of its past tenants?