Sunday, February 21, 2010

GOP Will Join In Health Summit If Dems Disband

Pretty much the GOP price for bi-partisanship.

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Anon Jim said...

In this day and age "bi-partisanship" is the ultimate in inane concepts.

It is only trotted out when one party wants to be able to blame the other party for thier own inabilty to get something accomplished poltically.

Bipartisanship basically means "here is what we want to do - agree with it and if you don't, just shut up".

The only time there is any bi-partisanship is when one side realizes they are in a losing position from a PR standpoint and they grudginly cave in.

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid had thier 7 month window of a super majority to get the health care "reforms" passed and they couldn't. And the Republicans were compeletly irrelevant to the Dem's failure.