Saturday, February 13, 2010

SEWRPC, Housing And Its MAAN Plan

Re-reading a Public Policy Forum study from several years ago that showed how regional housing discrimination drags the region's economy down, too.

If we had a regional planning commission with a different and more diverse management, mindset and makeup, it would be taking the lead on these issues.

Instead, it has failed to produce a housing plan for the region since 1975, and spent nearly five years writing a regional water supply plan without taking into account the relationship of water to housing or other socio-economic issues.

Yes - SEWRPC is working on a housing plan now, and yes, it has hired UWM consultants to look at the water/socio-economic relationships even though the water supply study was considered finished late last year, but SEWRPC has had to be dragged into these projects.

It's part of the agency's MAAN Plan - - "Much Ado About Nothing" philosophy.

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