Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Asian Carp Update, From Michigan

Michigan is the center of regional efforts to block the Asian carp the Great Lakes.


Anon Jim said...

Too bad the actual problem is located in a different state.

As in Illinois where the Democrats, up to and including President BHO, who have run that state forever could care less about this impending biological and ecological disaster.

Hey James, isn't that article a little dated? Seeing as it refers to the failed Carp Summit with Obama in future terms.

James Rowen said...

The Michigan legislative initiatives are newsworthy.

Anon Jim said...

And I do agree with you in that the initiatives in Michigan are commendable and newsworthy.

Why hasn't our Democratic Governor, Democratic State House, Democratic State Senate, Democratic US Senators, and Democratic/Republican US House members done anything comparable other than a few of them flapping thier gums about it?

Doyle went to the Carp Summit and came away with nothing substantive other than some spending on measures that will only ensure carp are jumping out of the watyer in Lake Michigan in the near future.