Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wauwatosa Slowing Down UWM County Grounds Expansion

I am hearing that a big turnout at Wauwtosa City Hall last night forced city officials to slow down their review of the UWM engineering school complex slated for the County Grounds - - and at the expense of a global treasure, the Monarch Butterfly preserve.


capper said...

I was there and did an update at Milwaukee County First.

Anonymous said...

No word lately from the Journal Sentinel on this, and it doesn't see the connection to its coverage of the furloughs -- pay cuts of more than a month's pay -- for hundreds of county workers. Maybe the JS forgot to mark its calendar for the payment due the county this month from UWM for the Tosa lands.

That was $5 million -- some sources say $10 million -- that was due to the county this month, in March, from UWM for a final closing on the land in April. That would more than cover the $1.2 million saved from the pay cuts to county workers. So does UWM have the money?