Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meeting Wednesday Afternoon In Milwaukee About Regional Water Study

The first of two meetings in the City of Milwaukee about the social justice effects of moving Lake Michigan water to Waukesha takes place this afternoon.

A second meeting is set for Thursday at UWM's Union.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission was about ready to formally approve a recommendation that Waukesha receive a Lake Michigan diversion, but activists successfully pushed the agency to put its recommendations on hold and examine - - belatedly - - the socio-economic consequences of such water transfers.

The issue is important because moving water from a low-income and land-locked city (Milwaukee) to a growing, relatively-wealthier and far-whiter city (Waukesha) would exacerbate the region's economic and racial segregation - - unless there are guarantees in a water sale agreement that Waukesha would also contribute to a greater share of the region's affordable housing, transit and job opportunities.

Consultants from UWM will take your opinions and information at these meetings and include this input into the SEWRPC final recommendations.

Details below.

Wednesday 2/10 4:30 PM Early Evening Meeting (4:30 PM) NEW SITE/TIME

Washington Park Library on Sherman Blvd

2121 North Sherman Boulevard

Milwaukee, WI

Thursday 2/11 1:30 PM Early Afternoon meeting (1:30 pm) Parking passes provided by UWM

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Union - Room 181

2200 E. Kenwood Blvd

Milwaukee WI

Please contact Randy Crump at Prism or Catherine Madison at CED if you would like to participate in one of the focus groups or if you have any questions.

  • Randy’s contact information is or (414) 847-0990 ext. 104.

  • Catherine’s contact information is or (414) 229-6155.

More information regarding the Socio-Economic Impact Analysis for the Regional Water Supply Plan can be found on the CED Website at

More information regarding the recommendations set forth in the preliminary draft of the Regional Water Supply Plan can be found on the SEWRPC Website at

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