Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Will UW-M Opt For New Freshwater School Site?

Citing problems with coal storage close to the E. Greenfield Ave. site, UW-M is looking at a different site on the near south side for its School of Freshwater Science.

The newly-proposed site, near the Harley-Davidson museum, has its strengths and weaknesses, too, but it's been no secret that UW-M has been looking for an alternative to the E. Greenfield Ave. site - - where the UWM WATER Institute is located - - and there are some in City Hall who want UWM at the so-called Reed Street Yards site that is visible from the Sixth Street Bridge.

That site has been TIF'd, so there is a commitment already by the city to use tax dollars for public infrastructure investments that enhance the development possibilities: but if UW-M takes some of the land for the school, then that portion goes off the tax rolls permanently, right?

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