Monday, August 10, 2009

Major Highway Open House Tuesday Night: Whom Will WisDOT Kick Out This Time?

A few weeks ago, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation called the State Fair police to block activists from walking around the meeting room and handing out leaflets opposing the $2.3 billion Zoo Interchange expansion and reconstruction.

Tomorrow night, WisDOT rolls out its 2030 state multi-modal (read: Highways First And Foremost) highway plan at a public meeting beginning at 4 p.m. in the Harbor Lights Room of the Downtown Transit Center at Lincoln Memorial Drive And Michigan St., second floor.

It's an information and comment session: let's see if WisDOT wants an exchange of ideas, or prefers muzzling people objecting to the ferocious amount of unbudgeted taxing and spending that the plan will call for.

You can access the plan in its entirety:

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enoughalready said...

Of, so that's why we have a downtown transit center. So people can hold meetings that no on will attend. Now I get it.