Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Destructive Asian Carp Closing In On Lake Michigan

This menacing invasive species could wreak havoc in the Great Lakes if it breaches the electric barrier installed to keep them out.


wedding car said...

Ya it such a great lake.

Jim Bouman said...

I doubt that it is a matter of "...could wreak havoc...." They're pounding at the door and no puny electric underwater fence is going to keep them out.

As I kid in the 50s I used to fish for perch from the piers near my home in the industrial/lakefront neighborhoods of the west side of Cleveland. The real anglers were reeling in pickerel--nearly dead pickerel--with lampreys attached, doing their parasitic thing.

It is hard to judge whether the St. Lawrence Seaway or the Chicago Sanitary and Ship was worse for the integrity of the Great Lakes.

And it is probably too late to do anything effective or permanent about it.