Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bottled Water Sales Decline

People are coming to their senses about bottled water, reports The Washington Post.

Paying a fortune per glass or liter or gallon for what is often tap water poured into a plastic bottle/accessory/affectation is wasteful on half-a-dozen levels.


The River Otter said...

Or hose water.

Unknown said...

Maybe it's time for our local gov'ts to follow the lead of Takoma Park and ban the purchase of bottled water for its meetings, etc. A few years ago I remember seeing bottled water in the MMSD Commission room, and it struck me as ironic in so many ways.

James Rowen said...

Have also seen bottled water at environmental conferences, as well as at government meetings, so everyone needs to be a little more vigilant and consistent, eh?

And to River Otter: you get the Comment of the Month award.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news, thanks for sharing the article. Reducing waste is such an important issue and is the best way to properly manage our resources. As the article pointed out, even in Wisconsin recycling rates are abysmal for recycling these bottles that are usually made into carpeting, fleece, or other fabrics.