Wednesday, August 19, 2009

21 Companies Drop Ads From Fox's Glenn Beck Program

Complaints about Glenn Beck's characterization of Pres. Obama as a racist have led 21 large corporations to pull their ads from his show on Fox News, reports the watchdog group Media Matters.

Even Wal-Mart.


Anon Jim said...

Poor Glenn.

His "Common Sense" is currently the #1 Nonfiction Paperback on the NYT best sellers list.

And his audience on Fox is how many times larger than anything he ever dreamed of having on CNN?

And to lose the ultimate evil of corporate sponsors in the form of WallyWorld?

Let's say it together now . . . Poor Glenn.

Btw - Obama was sold to us as being post-racial, sad that he turned out to be just the opposite and is instead hyper-racial.

James Rowen said...

I think "hyper-racial" is inaccurate. If it is your response to the Prof. Gates episode, I think you are reading way too much into a single event.

Take a look at the entirety of his administration, appointments, pronouncements after six months, and certainly wait until making such a harsh judgement.

Anon Jim said...

Not responding to a single event at all.

And guess that was worded poorly on my part. Should have said that he was sold to all of you as being post-racial.

Personally never bought any of it as the Chosen One has never flinched from playing the race card when needed, including throughout his campaign for the Presidency.

Sadly sometimes even when he didn't need to.