Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scott Walker Blows Off Campaign Reporting Law

About one dollar in six raised by County Executive Scott Walker in his run for the GOP 2010 gubernatorial nomination does not meet minimal state legal reporting requirements, a report shows.

Details, details...pesky details, similar to those gaps in Walker's budgets, revenue projections, pension 'reforms,' taxpayer-paid statewide motorcycle junkets, etc. etc.

One of these days, Walker's Teflon shield will disappear and real-world political consequences will expose him.


capper said...

I hear that there might be something or someone out there, gearing up to remove that Teflon.

jpk said...

Walker's always been more talk than substance.

It's like his claim about introducing 7 straight budgets with no levy increase. Anyone in the know is aware that the claim is misleading.

Each consecutive budget proposal is based on the previous year's levy total, not the first year he came into office. So Walker is tacitly approving the prior year's levy increases. His talk about tax freeze is all smoke and mirrors.

This kind of "phony" budgeting is extending to his campaign. I hope voters see through him.