Thursday, August 20, 2009

RePower America, On Behalf Of Climate Change Legislation, Offering Toll-Free Congressional Contacts

Says Repower America:

It's easier than ever to send a personal message to your Senators to support clean energy -- and as we build towards a crucial vote on a clean energy and climate bill, it's more important now than ever.

We just launched the Repower America Hotline. It's a number you can call anytime to leave a message for your Senators, and we'll make sure it gets to their offices.

Just call 1-877-9-REPOWER. Enter your zip code when prompted so we know which Senators should receive your message.

Make sure to say your name, that you are a voter in their state, and that they should support comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that jumpstarts our economy by creating good jobs, lessens our dependence on foreign oil and reduces harmful pollution.

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