Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In Rush Hour, Again, On I-94: Where Are The Trains?

The hard truths about transportation's one track mindset in these here parts:

* Light rail, killed in its planning stages by Waukesha County officials in 1997.

* Commuter rail planned south of Milwaukee, but not to the West.

I was back and forth to Waukesha County both yesterday afternoon and at rush hour today, being in, and the traffic - - and knowing that Major League Congestion is coming when the Zoo Interchange is 'improved' soon - - so I wondered when Waukesha County residents will realize what they threw away in 1997, and if they know or care how far behind the rest of the region they will be when the K-R-M commuter train line begins operating between Milwaukee and the Illinois state line.


Anonymous said...

It's simple, James. The good people of Waukesha Co. DON'T CARE. Never have. Never will.

Anonymous said...

It won't reduce congestion. Do the math.

Try - it will cost us all far less than helping you find a choo-choo train.

And what would be the odds by-the-way, that you would even find transportation to where you wanted to go in Waukesha County?

James Rowen said...

To Anony: So all the cities that have rail systems would no greater congestion if all they had were highways? Please.

Many of my visits to Waukesha County are to public buildings, or to downtown Waukesha, so yes, a rail system with shuttle connections, even sidewalks, would be useful.

I find opponents' adoption from talk radio of the silly phrase "choo-choo" to be revealing of a lack of independent or accurate thought.

Steam engines used to run through Waukesha County in the early 50's, but no later, I believe.

Anonymous said...

James - the good people of Waukesha Co. do realize what they threw away . . .

A hideously expensive Choo Choo train system that would provide almost no benefit.

Anonymous said...

Btw - the only reason we opponents of rail all use the term "choo choo train" is because we know it bugs the hell out of progressive like you.

Anon Jim

James Rowen said...

To the last Anon: A small pleasure for you.