Thursday, August 20, 2009

Madison Nostalgia

Back in the day, when we lived on Madison's east side with two small kids, the big fun every summer was a little carnival with ten-cent rides on a vacant lot off Milwaukee Street that I think was called the East Side Businessman's Fair, and then the Sun Prairie Corn Festival towards the end of August.

Was it the Corn Roast then, or am I really getting old?

They tell me these days that Sun Prairie is more a Madison suburb than the small farm town that sent Bob Kastenmeier to Congress, term-after-term, but I bet people can still enjoy themselves out there eating corn slathered in butter.

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Anonymous said...

It was never a corn roast; in the old days, the corn was steamed -- in the husk -- by the cannery next store. The cannery has been gone for a while -- replaced by something called "Cannery Square" -- but the corn is still cooked the same way, as far as I know.