Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shocking Detail In Torture 'Rules' Illustrates Our National Decline

Many anti-health care protesters and conservative talk show hosts and callers are fond of asking, "what happened to my America," or "the America I knew" as they worry about government control of health care provision, or financing.

I ask the same questions, but the subject for me is the excruciatingly, appallingly precise rules and standards written by US policymakers that provided instructions about how to carry out torture of prisoners at US installations, according to media and documents.

Every lawyer, doctor and politician who had a hand in drafting and implementing these practices should be charged criminally.

My understanding is that the special special prosecutor looking into these practices is only focusing on the lower-level CIA employees and others who did the actual dirty work.

That would let the big-wigs off the hook, and that would be a mistake.


Jim Bouman said...

"That would let the big-wigs off the hook, and that would be a mistake."

Big Mistake?

It would be an act of criminal negligence and absolute venality on the part of the chief prosecutor, an abdication of responsibility for pursuing justice on behalf of the victimized and dispossessed and powerless.

Obama's AG does that and this guy abandons all support for the President.

All support. No mas. Nunca.

Anon Jim said...


Try reprehensible and immoral.

So practices are established by the bureaucrats at the managerial level and the staff level people that followed them are the ones being prosecuted?