Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weak 'Reform' Would Guarantee More OWI Highway Carnage In Wisconsin

Legislators are trumpeting a variety of possible legal changes to the state's OWI laws and treatment options - - next month, maybe, but what's the rush - - since these are weak packages, at best:

Some 4th convictions become felonies. Some repeat offenders get ignition locks.

All first-time offense remain tickets.

Details here.

Bottom line: after tragic, high-profile incidents, media spotlights and a number-one ranking nationally for drunken driving - - 100 convictions a day - - the legislature is still cowed by alcohol special interests and swayed by a misreading of state culture to seriously deal with the issue.

If and when these tepid actions pass, look for two consequences:

Lots of Holy Pictures for campaign advertising.

Lots of new alcohol-related crashes, deaths and misery - - with a portion of the blame laid squarely at the steps of the State Capitol.


Anon said...

I was thinking the same thing. I was also wondering if any of these legislators were up for re-election and this is their way to make it appear as if they care to the voters??

Anonymous said...

I was told that in some states the penalty is something like a thousand dollars a year for each conviction for the rest of your life. I think we should look at this type of penalty. The current penalty is expensive, but a one time payment. If you had an automatic ten year penalty at a thousand per year, people will stop.