Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tommy Thompson Might Have Brett's Disease

Actually, this is pretty sad.


Anon Jim said...

As a conservative libertarian who is not a Republican, totally agree with you Jim.

enoughalready said...

Yes, that is sad. Only now that Doyle says he's not seeking a third term, Thompson emerges to lament that he wont be able to run against Doyle.

Anon Jim said...

Btw - what was even sadder was Doyle's lame reason for not running for a 3rd term.

We expect him to lie to us, he's done it his entire career as a public official after all, but that was embarrassing and pathetic even by his low standards.

James Rowen said...

To Anon Jim; You know, I have known Doyle for decades, and remember his first campaign for Dane County DA. That's a pretty harsh accusation you have leveled - - "his entire career."

I know that people these days say that everything they don't like from a public official is a "lie."

But your allegation is preposterous, and I think you know it.

So who's low standards are embarrassing and pathetic now?

Anon Jim said...

My allegation might be exaggerated, but hardly preposterous.

It is completely possible that Jim Doyle has been a liar "his entire career".

Btw - I really don't care what his reasons are for not running for a 3rd term were. Am just glad he is going to give up the throne.

But suddenly getting religion for term limits simply isn't the reason.