Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wisconsin Politics Changes Immediately If Doyle Does Not Run Again and others are reporting that two-term Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle will not seek re-election in 2010.

[And that and not a state newspaper broke the story speaks volumes about the decline of political reporting in the Wisconsin print media.]

Along with other potential candidates, the Monday confirming announcement will boost the fortunes of Democratic Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton and leading GOP candidate Scott Walker.

With nearly a year and a half left to serve, Doyle can continue to shape debates and outcomes, with issues ranging from Milwaukee School Reform, Midwestern High Speed Rail, DNR secretary selection and other issues in the balance.

The economic downturn and fiscal challenges resulting are surely central to his thinking; two terms in the meat grinder is probably the most that any incumbent can stand.

Whether it's a job in the Obama administration, the private sector, or just a quiet transition to whatever is his next phase, I wish Doyle the best.


vic said...

For the liberal wing of the party, Doyle has not done a great job of representing us.

As a leader for the state, he has had trouble finding his voice.

But given either a Walker or a Neuman opponent what a great time to make a change on the Democratic side.

enoughalready said...

I agree with 'vic.' Gov. Doyle has begun to seem tired to me, and too middle-of-the road. A Barbara Lawton candidacy would be something I would enthusiastically welcome. (I can also anticipate the kind of attacks she might face.)

Of course, we have never elected a female governor in Wisconsin, but I think she would do a great job. Don't know yet if the reports are true, though. Can we trust Politico? Doyle sure seems to have been postioning himself for another election.

Anon Jim said...

With Diamond Jim's eventual departure, Wisconsin's politics will definitely change in one aspect.

As with the departure of Chuckie Chvala, the level of corruption in public office will be significantly lowered.

And good to see you progressives are all hyped up about having Bab's as your candidate. At least she will be very entertaining.