Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Right Treats Myths, Errors As Facts

Give the Right and Republicans an "F" in History, Economics and Civics.

Its revisionist recreation of the New Deal as a failure is nonsense.

The ranting that the 2009 stimulus package is an instant failure is more nonsense, as jobs are being saved and created, spending on infrastructure, R&D and other employment sectors is accelerating, and the pace will pick up through this year, and next - - as has long been explained.

And screaming at members of Congress at town hall meetings about fictitious "death panels" in health care reform proposals, or toting guns to the meetings, is hardly good citizenship.

The Right is wallowing in post-election, self-induced hysteria.

Let's hope the health care reform that clears the Congress contains counseling services aplenty.

[Update: An op-ed columnist at The Washington Post has some similar conclusions.]

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