Friday, August 14, 2009

Madison Needs A Train Station Like Milwaukee's

Solid argument.

Milwaukee's Intermodal Station is a plus for the city.


Anonymous said...

but let's get something besides vending machines in there!

Joseph Thomas Klein said...

The food problem at the Intermodal, like the inability to sell off Park East land or sell ad space on the county buses for that matter, is the problem of government demanding predefined and unreasonable prices for venues as apposed to auctioning off the rights to the venues. If the price was right, which auctions always tend to produce, the Intermodal would have a restaurant, Park East would have buildings, and the inside of MCTS buses would be lined with ads.

Ya' think a capitalist minded professional politico like Walker and Doyle could have figured that out years ago that auctions work better than relying on the salesmanship of your political cronies. So was WisDOT plugging its budget with overly optimistic revenue projections for the Intemodal's restaurant franchise, like Walker was with the Park East land sales and bus ad revenue?