Thursday, August 20, 2009

Republicans Are Incapable Of Praising Jim Doyle

Republicans bellyache about Gov. Jim Doyle 24/7, and accuse him somehow of personally driving up state unemployment.

So when he scores a new industry for Wisconsin - - the assembly of new trains and train repair nationally - - Jane One-Notes like Alberta Darling have to keep up the bashing, no matter how contradictory that may make her appear.

I am sure that Darling has plenty of constituents who ride Amtrak to Chicago for work and recreation: has she polled them to see if they like the improved service the Doyle train purchases will provide?

This is more partisanship and ideology triumphing over commonsense and logic. Not to mention consistency.


Anon Jim said...

Now this IS ironic.

When was the last time a progressive was able to hear only a faint mention of GW's name without a reactive Pavlovian foaming at the mouth?

Since Talgo is not committed to anything more than the assembly of the 2 choo choo sets Diamond Jim Doyle bought on his way out of town.

How much do you want to bet the next choo choo set they sell in the US - assuming they ever will - will include a requirement for local assembly in that state?

And you might want to check your facts Jim - Wisconsin already has a choo choo assembly industry in Milwaukee of all places - it's called Super Steel.

James Rowen said...

I am fully aware of Super Steel being here: I blogged about it ( and sat in on several meetings when Fred Lubar was being wooed by John Norquist and Bombardier as a participant in production here related to the Guided Tram proposed project.

Talgo has said it will locate a maintenance facility here.

I think you undercut your arguments when you use talk radio language: Diamond Jim Doyle, choo-choo.

It's a free country, but trust me, people reading your comments will withhold the benefit of the doubt, at best, when they see that kind of sloganeering.

Ron said...

So we can't blame him for allow the continual erosion of the zoo interchange bridges to the point that trucking retrictions are being put in place? Would one of his no-bid Haliburton style processes solve this problem??