Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barrett Does Well At News Conference

I give Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett a lot of credit for how well he managed his news conference today.

He spread around praise to family and first responders, stayed away from prejudicial remarks about his batterer, had some eloquent things to say about the realities of domestic violence and didn't get into a political discussion about his perceptions of crime.

Barrett obviously showed fortitude when confronted by the batterer, and displayed it again by holding the news conference: I know from personal experience that talking, publicly taking questions and thinking on your feel after recovery from surgeries and facial injuries that include the loss of teeth would be very very tough and draining, and would be the last thing anyone recuperating, as is the Mayor, would find easy to do.

My unsolicited advice, Mr. Mayor: take some genuine time off, gather your strength and ease back into a work routine.

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Anon Jim said...

Kudo's to Tom Barrett for stepping up to help someone of assistance, like any citizen should but too many would not.

Good to see he is on the mend and yes, I too hope he takes his time with his recovery.