Sunday, August 23, 2009

Housing Values Validate New Urbanist Principle

The Congress for The New Urbanism has been saying it for years, and now a new study validates it: walkability gives properties a premium.

You can see the reverse in the housing and retail stall at Pabst Farms.

And why it is imperative that Milwaukee connect its existing neighborhoods and amenities with modern transit that builds on walkability.


The River Otter said...

(I think you used the wrong link.)

James Rowen said...

To River Otter. Oops. I will fix. Thanks.

Max Max said...

I'm a fan of walkability, but unfortunately, the policies New Urbanism encourages too often include rows and rows of townhouses with raised steps which are very inaccessible to people with mobility disabilities. That is not to say there aren't methods for walkable neighborhoods that are mobility disability-friendly.