Friday, August 21, 2009

More Support For Bringing The Hoan Bridge Down To Grade

Originally, this was a bridge to nowhere, and it remains an over-engineered and gaudy snippet of Interstate Highway that makes a iconic statement, but like a '57 Cadillac, makes no financial sense to maintain, rebuild and keep running.

Some South Shore communities want the Hoan Bridge retained and redecked, but who will pay for that?

Certainly not the likes of St. Francis and Cudahy, let alone the State of Wisconsin, and the feds, to boot.

I said a year ago that the recent proposal from our usually highway-addicted state transportation department to look for reasonable alternatives to be a refreshing and telling discussion, and so do more and more local observers.


Anonymous said...

The Hoan is a short-cut for time strapped downtown executives to make it to the airport. It also serves as a speedy transport when the president visits as police need to do rolling lane closures when he comes to town.

Take the bridge sometime on a January morning and watch the parade of salt trucks. Are you ready to see them on I-94 and what their weight will do that THAT Bridge?!?

The revised plan has roundabouts on each end of the lowered bridge - Would LOVE to see those Salt Trucks on those round abouts (NOT!)

Keep the Bridge -redeck it and save us some money - who wants to live or work near MMSD's sewer plant -

c'mon! get real - it's a toxic waste dump under that bridge - it's more than the bridge - it is also the environmental clean up.


James Rowen said...

Remember: redecking the bridge is costly, and only a temporary fix.

A redone bridge that is lower, with added street connections and released land for development that is not necessarily residential is a far better solution.