Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Trump's 'Eighth-Wonder-of-The-World' SOTU speech

When Trump riffed and rambled and repeated self-aggrandizing lies in his State of the Union Speech Tuesday - -  
President Trump’s State of the Union speech once again was chock-full of stretched facts and dubious figures. Many of these claims have been fact-checked repeatedly, yet the president persists in using them. Here, in the order in which he made them, are 31 statements by the president.
- - all I heard was an expanded version of the FUBAR Foxconn fiasco he came here selling as "The Eighth Wonder of The World."

Wisconsin's Massive Foxconn Boondoggle is Getting Worse
Eight years of preening, self-serving 'Eighth Wonder of The World' propaganda is dangerous and unthinkable.

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Minnesconsin Tom said...

I haven’t watched a State of the Union address in three years. For many years, I woke up every morning listening to National Public Radio. That ended before he was even inaugurated. I cannot stand the sight of him. I cannot stand the sound of his voice.

Am I burying my head in the sand? Living in a vacuum? No. Somehow, between his malignant narcissism and all media’s obsession with him, he still manages to seep into every nook and cranny of my existence.

If he is elected to a second term, it undoubtedly means that we also still have a Republican senate (at the very least). At that point, he will literally—not figuratively—be appointed emperor, and the American experiment will officially be over. It was fun while it lasted.