Wednesday, February 19, 2020

WI GOP Legislature to pass its 'shoot-the-taxpayer-in-the-foot' plan

Since it's our money, the common air we breathe and constitutionally protected waters that we can by right access and enjoy, you can say that Wisconsin's GOP legislators main aim as floor sessions are rushed to a close is to shoot the taxpayer in the foot.

Shorter lede: It's more of the New Wisconsin Idea [Sic].

So watch as GOP leaders approve through their gerrymandered imperiousness a vast expansion of incarceration without appropriating a dime to pay for it while simultaneously allocating surplus funds in ways that will fuel their party's re-election campaigns' talking points.

And these same eager captives of big corporate agriculture - - with no real input except from those special interests - - are scurrying to allow industrial-scale ag operations which already hog the groundwater and are allowed to let their contaminants pollute what water remains to oversee their own weakened de-regulation.

Which Walker gift-wrapped for them over the last decade.

These are among the fresh tenets of Life in Bizarro Wisconsin which are in bills like this one fast-tracked by powerful GOP caucus leaders - - 
Assembly Bill 805 would require the Department of Corrections to recommend revoking extended supervision, probation and parole for those who are charged with committing felonies or violent misdemeanors while on court supervision. That would lead to judges sending more of those offenders back to prison while their new cases moved through the courts. That bill is expected to drive up prison costs by hundreds of millions of dollars over the coming years....any spike in the prison population could force the state to build a new correctional institution at a cost of about $350 million, a figure that does not include staffing or operational costs.
- - whose over-arching power play scheme

since their purportedly untouchable Governor Walker was bounced by voters 15 months ago was neutralizing Democrat Tony Evers because he beat Walker fair and square.

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