Sunday, February 9, 2020

GOP attacks 'socialism' - while shoveling state benefits to wealthy allies

The GOP noise machine continues its attack on Bernie Sander's Democratic Socialism.

Walker's been at it. Ron Johnson, too, on Twitter last March:

Understanding the risk of Democrat socialistic tendencies should provide motivation to re-elect Republicans up and down the ballot in November 2020.
Even the State Assembly Speaker proved that the Junior Varsity got the talking point and turned it into a mud ball aimed at Gov. Evers:
As President Ronald Reagan once said, “As government expands, liberty contracts.” He also said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Republicans in the legislature won’t forget Ronald Reagan’s sentiments. We won’t let government grow out of control and we won’t let socialism to take root in our state. 
For the record, let's remind these Badger State apologists for corporate socialism of rhe millions and billions they have shoveled to their friends and campaigns.
Amazon, expanding in Wisconsin, pays zero in federal taxes.
Amazon, already open in Kenosha County with the help of substantial public subsidies, will also scooping up similar subsidies as it prepares an expansion to Oak Creek. 
Ron Johnson bad mouths Socialism. Except when it works for him.
Johnson says The Democratic Party chose Milwaukee for its "socialistic tendencies" - - but I don't recall any such negativity when Johnson's company received $4 million in low-interest lending through a government-sponsored financing program, and, separately, benefited from a $75,000 federal grant for rail line construction.
Wisconsin's $4.1 billion Foxconn boondoggle 
Gov. Scott Walker promised billions to get a Foxconn factory, but now he’s running away from it
Foxconn smashes Walker's crystal ball
On August 2nd, Walked took to Twitter and raised the ante to "at least 13,000 jobs."
Wisconsin landed Foxconn – and with it comes at least 13,000 good-paying, family-supporting jobs throughout the state! Check out the direct impact it’s having on northeastern Wisconsin and circle back here tomorrow for even more! 
And while Walker says the contract he signed before the voters booted him out of office is "iron clad," here's a recent video where he easily shrugs off Foxconn only creating half the jobs he and the company repeatedly promised.  
A complete Foxconn archive is here. 

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Anonymous said...

The Wis GOP is the Corporate Socialist party. Take money from the middle class and hand it over to the filthy rich and they in turn supply the middle class with jobs in which they can barely survive. Every single move that Dip$#!t Walker made, Vos makes and Fitzgerald makes are for corporate socialism. Here are a few examples:
Support CAFOs while pushing out small farmers. When DW said lets produce more milk and deregulate farming, every single farmer in Wisconsin knew exactly what he was doing. My guess is almost every small dairy farmer voted to get rid of him and the opposite for every CAFO owner. CAFO owners are rich, real farmers are not.
FoxCon Job. Take away homes and farm land in a give away to a foreign owned company. The support for this defies logic.
Free grants to rich to pretend to start businesses. Owner gives thousands to DW, DW gives free from taxpayers to said owner to build vertical take-off aircraft, even though they have never built one, owner takes the free money and runs.
DW and his friends give free money to make believe schools run by rich private owners.Really, Rocketship Schools.That doesn't even sound like a school.
Building material suppliers who can afford 100s of thousands of dollars to give to a campaign ask to flood the market with logs from state land to create oversurplus in order for them to get it cheap. The GOP comes up with a plan to cut more without talking to the foresters.
DW used public government resources to run his campaign, gets caught, and then the GOP changes the rules. If this is not the exact definition of Socialism, what is.

The worst part is, the voters have bought into the whole anti socialism pitch, even though their party is the true corrupt socialist party. The GOP is not conservative, not right wing, but I have no idea what they should be called. Tax the poor, give money to the rich, allow the money to keep them in power,spend big, fake religious beliefs,keep kids in cages, keep thumb on the middle class...... wait, didn't we free ourselves from these guys almost 250 years ago.