Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Walker's Trump re-election role makes WI Dem turnout more important

[2/11 update: Attorney General Barr's interference in ongoing cases involving Trump's henchmen is another reminder that candidate Trump - - whom Walker is pushing for re-election - - isn't just placing himself above the law - - he's  smashing it.]
As the Ron Johnson/Susan Collins/et al enabled Trump continues to contaminate everything he touches - - this time it's the definition of the US Justice Department and role of the AG in a democracy - - it's a good time time to remember that Scott Walker is co-chairing Trump's Wisconsin re-election campaign.

Walker wants to ensure we get for more years of Trump's increasingly dictatorial reign, using Wisconsin's ballot as the tipping point.

The 2020 election has got to reject Trump and the acolytes we've already sidelined.

A Trump 2020 win would elevate Walker again and give generational permanence to a VosGerald corporate welfare state in Wisconsin has which transferred money, power and public resources through gerrymandering to insiders, CEOs, and GOP donors.

The 2018 election was the first Walker defeat; along with sending Trump packing, 2020 in Wisconsin can be provide the vital Walker Defeat 2.0.

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