Thursday, February 20, 2020

Another day, another dose of WI GOP mental murkiness

Let's memorialize these comments by the Wisconsin Senate's GOP Majority Leader just posted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Scott Fitzgerald OK with Trump's clemency for Rob Blagojevich:
"It’s pretty clear that the president has these powers and I trust that the president is using them in a way that he sees fit," Fitzgerald told reporters.
Few thinking people since Trump was sworn in would dare string together the words ''  

And, 'in a way that he sees fit.'

Seriously, what does that mean?

The Wisconsin GOP Senate Majority Leader's more extensive and thoughtless easy pass for Trump didn't exactly make a dim bulb shine brightly:
"It didn’t make much sense to me," Fitzgerald said. "I heard the president’s explanation and then it kind of made more sense. It’s more about the length of sentencing and who’s involved in that sentence, which kind of dovetailed from the whole discussion on others that have had greater sentences assigned after they’re convicted."
This loopiness could have been condensed into a shorter I am running to serve Trump completely - - which, as they say, kind of dovetails into the whole discussion about who's involved and how it makes more sense.

Remember, this is a candidate for Congress talking.

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Man MKE said...

It's worth noting that Democratic and Republican politicians in Illinois in force joined to condemn Robbin' Rod Blagojevich. Fitz has no idea what he's talking about, except to parrot the president. And that's largely (I think) because he's running for Congress and thinks it would be smart to suck up to Trump some more.

Katrina said...

Good article. Fitz is so passive aggressive it makes my teeth hurt.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Fitz is welcoming a chance to wade in Trump's Swamp. He's every bit as crooked as Vos, but quieter about it.

Anonymous said...

What is a Trump butt puppet?