Tuesday, February 18, 2020

WI GOP legislators giving you a weekly coffee - - next year

Faced with the choice of upgrading classroom spending statewide which they and Walker had drastically short-changed, Wisconsin's GOP legislative small-thinking leaders chose instead to use surplus state dollars to return - - next year - - an average of $106 per tax filer.
The average income tax reduction would be $106. It would cost state government about $247.7 million in the next fiscal year.
I don't think $2 a week buys a basic burger anymore, but it might get you at least a coffee.

But something along the lines of a thoughtful, long-term investment, like better schools for the kids, which Governor Evers had in mind?
Evers said earlier this month he wanted to use about $250 million of that funding on public schools, with an emphasis on school-based mental health initiatives, special education and property tax relief. The governor's plan would also return the state to the days when it funded two-thirds of the cost of public education, a benchmark Evers noted that GOP lawmakers had previously said on multiple occasions that they support....
Or more potholes filled? Or all sorts of other policy deficits addressed, from better transit to rural home health aides? 

Can Republicans ever get creative? Big-hearted? Beyond their self-imposed starve-the-public sector bumper-sticker talking point?

Heck no.

Actually, Republicans are less interested in their having their tax cut implemented; they hope Evers vetoes the coffee-a-week plan so they can scream in the 2020 elections about Evers denying people a tax cut.

As I've said, VosGerald are all about playing the game and not actually getting anything of substance done.

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