Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Annexation to serve high-end golf course gets WI Supreme Court blessing

Attention, Wisconsin town boards and homeowners wedded to the quaint notion of local and literal hometown control:

Apparently all you need to grab hundreds of acres of primo real estate for high-end private development inside another municipality is a business-compliant State Department of Administration that rubber-stamps annexation applications and 650 feet of shared border, says the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

That's the distance Tiger Woods could hit a tee-shot one-handed. Some connection.

I'd written about how the Kohler Company and the tax-base eager-beavers in City of Sheboygan government went after a chunk of the smaller, neighboring Town of Wisconsin through an annexation to help advance the conversion of a Lake Michigan shoreline nature preserve, rare dunes, wildlife habitat, and wetlands

and into an 18-hole, traffic-inducing, herbicide-dispensing golfing complex.

The proposed project, however, remains stalled because a state administrative law judge ruled the DNR improperly awarded the development its crucial wetland-fill permit. That decision is in the appeals process.

Note for the record that about five acres - - 
Some of the very land inside Kohler Andrae State Park the company is seeking to complete a privately-owned planned golf course facility.
of adjacent state park land would also be awarded to the development. That's a lot more than 650 feet of land, by the way, and it already belongs to the people.

Who knows if the larger number will sway the Justices?


Anonymous said...

Leave rest of park empty no business they will run out of funding too

Anonymous said...

If the golf course goes in avoid the remaining park

Anonymous said...

The DNR has a corporate sponsor (Kohler)and they keep raising rates for camping,license fees.etc. Then top it off the DNR is giving State of Wisconsin land that belongs to the people who pay those higher fees. so Kohler can build a big round about.