Friday, February 14, 2020

Walker Tweet-forgets his wealthy NYC connections

Scott Walker tweeted a sarcastic dig at Mike Bloomberg on Thursday:
Good move because what a bunch of wealthy, elitist New Yorkers think is exactly what will move voters in America’s heartland! @MikeBloomberg is so out-of-touch with reality outside of New York City and Washington, D.C.
Walker was reacting to a Twitter dust-up between Bloomberg and Trump:
The Hill
JUST IN: Bloomberg fires back at Trump: New Yorkers "laugh at you & call you a carnival barking clown"
I can remember, before irony had died that Walker helped fund his recall campaign with NYC donations and later chased his presidential fantasy all the way to wealthy elites with New York addresses:

* You'll find several major New York City donors on his presidential campaign donor list.

* Before Walker's bid flamed out, The New York Times had tracked his big-donor appeal:
Roughly half of the nation’s top 250 Republican donors have given money to Mr. Walker in his campaigns for Wisconsin governor, according to an Upshot analysis of Federal Election Commission records and state records. By comparison, 30 percent have given to Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, 20 percent to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and 10 percent to Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.
* While most of another story is behind a paywall, The Wall Street Journal noted Walker's earlier successes with New York financiers:
GOP Contender Walker Draws Wall Street Cash
* And there were others, like hedge fund magnates Stephen Cohen and Paul Singer, who supported Walker during his recall battle:
Walker and his fundraisers also solicited money from hedge-fund billionaire Stephen Cohen, who gave the [Wisconsin Club for Growth] $1 million...and hedge-fund manager and Manhattan Institute for Policy Research Chairman Paul Singer, who gave $250,000. 
* Not to mention these folks with whom Walker had hung out with:
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is slated to be the “special guest” at a New York Republican Party fundraiser co-hosted by billionaire David Koch next month. 
Invitations to the $1,000-a-plate lunch at New York City’s 21 Club on Nov. 1 have been sent out, billing Walker as a “special guest” at the effort to raise funds for the Empire State’s Republican Party, reported Capitol Tonight, a New York political blogGuest are invited to contribute $2,500 for lunch and having their picture taken with the Wisconsin governor.  
* Oh, and does this wealthy New Yorker ring a bell, perhaps? 
According to leaked documents from a controversial investigation into Walker’s recall election obtained by The Guardian, Walker had a 45-minute scheduled meeting with Trump in the billionaire’s Manhattan offices on April 3, 2012. Walker was raising funds for Wisconsin Club for Growth, a dark money nonprofit group aiding his campaign, as part of an effort to avoid disclosure laws, contribution limits and solicit corporate contributions. Trump wrote a check to the nonprofit group for $15,000 that same day.

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