Monday, February 24, 2020

'Moderate' WI GOP State Sen. Luther Olsen retiring. 'Moderate?'

Media are reporting that 'moderate' WI GOP State Sen. Luther Olsen is retiring. 

Image of Luther Olsen
Here are some recent Olsen votes which help define GOP moderation:



Jake formerly of the LP said...

And the big one- Act 10.

He is the Jeff Flake of the Wisconsin State Senate, lot of quotes, not many good votes. Why does our media not understand that "not screaming" does not mean someone becomes "moderate"?

Anonymous said...

Liar Luther Olsen Retiring.
Someone I know very well in his district called him up and asked about his stance on expanding school vouchers. Olson's response was that he would never vote for expanding private school vouchers. Weeks afterwards, guess what. He is a clown. I also know someone very well who worked for him. Could not stand him because he would tell whoever he talked to whatever they wanted to hear and would go where the money told him too. Good bye Luther, you POS.