Saturday, December 7, 2019

Trump's real message to Foxconn: 'Don't cost me votes in Wisconsin.'

Trump knows very well that Foxconn is not panning out as The Eighth Wonder of the World - - 
WI GOP, Foxconn officials digging their own hole
- - and his message to the former Foxconn CEO delivered in our 2020 swing state this week was really 'don't cost me votes in Wisconsin come November.'
Foxconn's Terry Gou visits Milwaukee after Trump tells him to 'bring more jobs to Wisconsin'
Don't be surprised if Foxconn for the second year in a row - - in 2018, it missed a target of a mere 260 hires by scores - - soon reports so few hires in 2019 that no state cash-for-hiring is to be paid out. 

Remember, Trump and Walker were repeatedly breathless when touting an eventual 13,000 Foxconn jobs averaging $54,000 annual salaries, while it's widely acknowledged that the state does not have the professional engineering capacity to produce whatever it is that Foxconn may eventually manufacture in Wisconsin.

Not to mention an avalanche of bad media about the whole deal choking off development statewide, for years.

Trump may appear distracted this week by clogged toilets, but he knows that Foxconn wasn't the slam-dunk Walker and state Republicans hoped for in 2018 and doesn't want to see Wisconsin's electoral votes in 2020 swirl down the drain.

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Anonymous said...

Looking at your story's pic, I wonder why Trump didn't tell Walker where to get an orange hairpiece for a comb-over. Evidently, Walker whacked his head so hard on those kitchen cabinets that that his bald spot keeps growing and growing.

Jimmy Kimmel did a piece on this -- watch Trumps hair in the updraft from a helicopter:

The point I am trying to make, however, is not about baldness -- this is a natural phenomena and I don't post to mock.

The issue is the integrity of the two, the fact that each can be objectively demonstrated being habitual liars, and that each is telling fibs about what is on the top of their empty head.

Oh, and each continues to lie about Foxconn too.