Thursday, February 27, 2020

GOP-run WI State Senate finally OK'ed Preston Cole as DNR Secretary

It only took the always-campaigning - - like this one and that one - - and poisonously-partisan GOP State Senate obstructionists a mere fifteen months to get around to approving Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' selection of Preston Cole as Wisconsin DNR Secretary.

Preston D. Cole

Though you can understand the Republicans' principled anxieties, as there's no way of getting around the fact that Cole doesn't have the home-building and McDonald's restaurant management credentials and mentality of Cathy Stepp, Scott Walker's long-serving, chamber of commerce-minded DNR boss.

Not to mention in no way matching the time Stepp put in at Trump for President rallies before joining the EPA that Trump is working hard to unburden of its defining environmental protection and public health mission.

FYI: "Chamber of commerce mentality" was Walker's nicely-turned phrase, not mine.

Cole has pledged to focus on climate change science, so lacks the Walker-Stepp dedication to scrubbing climate science off the public record, so let's hope that Cole's decades of higher education, parks, forestry and administrative work can somehow compensate.


Anonymous said...

I really hope he is a good Secretary. There is a lot riding on it and so far I am really just not sure about him.

James Rowen said...

My advice is to follow the news, the WI DNR website 'news release' page and keep the pressure on directly, through media and your legislators.