Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Evers backs education. Republicans wanted incarceration. And talking points.

Props to Gov. Evers for vetoing a GOP bumper-sticker bill that did not use state surplus funds to improve teaching and learning in public schools Walker and his right-wing legislative lieutenants savaged ideologically and budgetarily for years.
Republicans had passed an alternative as they scurried towards adjournment and a paid, ten-month 2020 vacation that would have authorized a prison-building spree without the money to pay for it while also providing a tax cut next year worth a cup of coffee a week per tax filer.

The VosGerald 'brain' trust knew that Evers would veto the bill so they could yammer about it during the 2020 elections, as I said earlier:
Actually, Republicans are less interested in their having their tax cut implemented; they hope Evers vetoes the coffee-a-week plan so they can scream in the 2020 elections about Evers denying people a tax cut.
 As I've said, Vos-Gerald are all about playing the game - - whether it be about gun safety, education, CAFO contamination, CAFOs, groundwater and public health, and even bar closing time during this summer's Democratic National convention - - and not actually getting anything of substance done.
The GOP-led Wisconsin Assembly is like the monopoly cable provider which screws up your service, intentionally ignores a simple repair and then tells you the fix you didn't order includes pay channels you don't want - - and a land line you didn't ask for, either.

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